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Books by David Godman


The Power of the Presence, Part Two

ISBN 0-9711371-0-2

The series continues with a lengthy introductory chapter by Kunju Swami in which he narrates stories of Bhagavan in Virupaksha Cave and Skandashram, along with personal reminiscences of his own. Chapters by Muruganar and Lakshmana Swamy include details of how both realised the Self through Bhagavan's grace and power. Chhaganlal Yogi describes events that took place when he was the ashram's main printer; T. P. Ramachandra Iyer, the ashram's lawyer, writes of his father's association with Bhagavan and his own interactions with Sri Ramana; and Viswanatha Swami, a distant relative of Bhagavan contributes an evocative and touching account of his early days with Bhagavan.


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The Power of the Presence, Part Three

ISBN 0-9711371-2-9

The trilogy concludes with narratives by some of the workers who were privileged to work alongside Bhagavan in the kitchen. Alongside them there are the stories of Mudaliar Patti and Echammal, two devotees who made and served food to Bhagavan for more than forty years. Two lesser-known devotees, Mastan and Ramanatha Brahmachari, who both received the full grace of Bhagavan, contribute early chapters. Two Telugu authors Krishna Bhikshu and G. V. Subbaramayya, write about their years with Bhagavan. There is a special chapter on Lakshmi the cow, who was liberated by Bhagavan, and the series concludes with an account by Wolter Keers, a Dutchman who had an explosive encounter with Bhagavan in the final weeks of Sri Ramana's life.


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Annamalai Swami: Final Talks

ISBN 0-9711371-8-1

After Living by the Words of Bhagavan was first published in 1994, visitors began to visit Annamalai Swami to listen to his stories and to ask his advice on how to realise the Self. In a series of simple but uncompromising dialogues Annamalai Swami gave out the practical advice that had worked for him and which had been personally prescribed by Bhagavan. He explains in detail how the mind can be deconditioned and the underlying Self discovered by generating the conviction that the underlying Self alone is, and that the mind is nothing but an imagined entity that prevents us from experiencing the truth of who we really are.


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The Power of the Presence, Part One

ISBN 0-9711371-1-0

The subtitle, 'Transforming encounters with Sri Ramana Maharshi,' announces the theme of this series. Devotees who had intimate and life-changing encounters with Sri Ramana write at length on how they met Bhagavan, what interactions they had with him, and how they imbibed and benefited from the grace that was flowing from him. This first installment includes accounts by a childhood friend, a vedantic pandit, a science professor, an illiterate child widow, a Tamil scholar and a famous writer. The differing backgrounds and perspectives of the writers display the full range of relationships that devotees had with Sri Ramana.


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Books by David Godman on Ramana Maharshi, his devotees and his teachings

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