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Books by David Godman


Nothing Ever Happened

ISBN 0963802259


A massive (over 1,200 pages) three-volume biography of Papaji, a disciple of Ramana Maharshi and one of the most influential advaitic teachers of modern times. In addition to the biographical narrative that spans more than eighty years of his action-packed life, there are teaching dialogues, extensive extracts from Papaji's diaries and letters, along with many accounts by devotees who were utterly transformed by him. This is the definitive account of Papaji's life.


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The Fire of Freedom

ISBN 978-09638022-6-2


This is a completely new collection of teaching dialogues between Papaji and visitors who came to see him in Lucknow in the middle of 1991.


As he engages his visitors in discussions about the nature of spiritual freedom and the means by which it can be discovered, Papaji is always looking for an opportunity to take his questioners back to the source of their minds so that they can find out for themselves, by direct experience, what he is trying to show them.


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Papaji Interviews
ISBN 0963802208


This anthology contains several interviews that foreign devotees and journalists had with Papaji between 1990 and 1993. The book also contains a fifty-page biography of Papaji, contributed by the editor, David Godman, which focuses on Papaji's early life and his relationship with Ramana Maharshi.


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Sri Ramana Darsanam

ISBN 81-88225-63-0

Sadhu Natanananda was a Tamil scholar who edited many of Ramana Maharshi's works, even some that appeared in Sri Ramana's Collected Works. This work is a penetrating analysis of Bhagavan's life and teachings, illustrated by many quotations and stories that have never appeared in English before. Also included are two long poems that Natanananda wrote in the 1950s which explain key points of Bhagavan's teaching and give intimate details of Natanananda's own inner experiences.


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