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Sorupa Saram

ISBN 978-0-9885285-0-5


Sorupananda was a powerful Tamil Guru who lived several centuries ago. His ability to silence the minds of his visitors was praised on several occasions by Ramana Maharshi. Though his chief disciple, Tattuvaraya, wrote prolifically, Sorupananda himself only wrote one small work: Sorupa Saram. Sri Ramana thought so highly of this work, he included it on a list of six must-read books that he gave to Annamalai Swami in the 1930s.


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Ramana Puranam

ISBN 81-8289-059-9


In the 1930s Muruganar began to compose a poem that was modelled on 'Siva Puranam', the opening work of Manikkavachagar's devotional classic, Tiruvachakam. He took a break and went for  walk, leaving his manuscript in the hall where Ramana Maharshi lived and taught. On his return he discovered that Sri Ramana had not only completed the work by adding over 300 lines, he had also given it its title, 'Ramana Puranam', by writing this name at the top of every page.


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